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Milan based photographer 1967 class.

He approached photography in 1999 with the Palermofoto photographers, giving shape to his photographic vision as part of a process of intense experimentation, investigation and exploration. This provides an all-round photographic vision that enables him to draw close to the aspects of photography most suited to him: photo features, set photography, civil memory, industrial, landscape and experimentation.

He has been involved in stage lighting since 2005, attending the Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan to study lighting design in 2007/8. He currently collaborates with several dance and theatre companies. In 2015, he was picked as a photographer for the “Alinari Contemporary” project. In autumn 2016, he began producing traditional cyanotype prints.

He holds themed photographic workshops such as: traditional cyanotype printing, set photography, motivational photography and follow-up photography, in which the worlds of stage lighting and photography exist in symbiosis. He is currently working with Moreno Gentili on a companies brand identity project.

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Photography grab human deep, the untold, something that need to be prove, translate, showed…

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