Domenico Cicchetti


Milan based photographer 1967 class; image and light was/is always a big part of his life. In 1999 he started taking photography study with “ACSI Palermofoto”, process lasting many years. 

He never stopped testing, investigate and exploring photographic world. Has attended a photo-journalism course in 2010 and works as photojournalist to a few agencies until 2013, and publish on major Italian media outlet.

Currently is working over any lines like: company photography campaigns, company book, teaching, theatrical photography, creative research, urban and social landscape…

Simultaneously, since 2008 (after attending Milan Teatro alla Scala academy), he practise theatrical lighting designer activity.

Since 2014 collaborates with Moreno Gentili dealing with image and photography into a Brand Identity and communication for companies. In 2015 he becomes part of the “Alinari Contemporary” project photographer. Since autumn 2016 he began cyanotype print activity.

⋅ ⋅ ⋅

Photography grab human deep, the untold, something that need to be prove, translate, showed…